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eOffice platform provides companies with the unified platform for managing, web enabling and automating office procedures and delivering digital content that is critical for success in e-business with workflow manager solution that would take care of all the needs of an organization across all business verticals including the complex business processes of a government.


ITON’s Service Manager (iService) is a web based Service Management System powered by ITON iOffice Platform. Service Manager provides various functions to record, assign, track, manage and analyze the complaints, feedbacks and task information in various stages to provide better services to customers.


In the journey to move towards empowering people and build a futuristic and secured nation, ITON is the first organization in the world to offer an Open Governance Platform (ITON eNation) along with a single integrated enterprise intelligent solution suite to enable governments to provide public services, to improve managerial effectiveness and to promote democratic values and mechanisms; a security framework and as well as a regulatory framework that facilitates information intensive initiatives and fosters the knowledge society leading to an Digital Society.


Our eVisa platform provides a simple and easy to use interface to automate the processing/ issuing Visa to the foreign nationals visiting the country for various purposes whether it is employment, business or for diplomatic relations between the countries. Application is submitted through the online interface and it gets processed within the stipulated SLAs to enable the applicant to get his/her Visa once the credentials are validated and established.


Our ePrison solution provides complete automation considering prisoners and their activities from first day they arrive to the prison until last day they leave and also the day-to-day operation of those running prison system. Prison officials can perform their jobs more effectively and accurately record inmate activity.


ITON is here to help you streamline your archiving and storage infrastructures. Streamlining will reduce service response time, physical paper maintenance and above all will help save your money, space and energy.


ITON eCops 3.2 has the fax integration functionality through which the third party fax solutions like RightFax can be integrated and all the incoming faxes can be captured at the eCops server with wide range of additional features and wide functionality.


ITON OneMobile platform provides a right footage for an organization in mobile application area. As there is a growing demand for use of mobile or smartphones by end customers to communicate and transact with the organizations and vice versa; ITON will help in building applications quickly to create that interface.

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